10 Tips From The Tooth Fairy
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                                           Hip, Hip...Hurray!


Today is the day! The Tooth Fairy has finally arrived and has a very special message she wants to share with you today!


   "Be Brave, Be Kind, Always Let Your Smile Sparkle & Shine!"


 Be AWESOME, do something GREAT and remember to brush your teeth for goodness sakes!  Your smile is a treasure! It's the one and only of a kind, so share it with each and every friend you find.


                                Tip #7: Kindness is the BEST gift given. 

Edie Higby


          Best Selling Children's Book Author | Owner & Creator of  

                  The Tooth Fairy Company 

   SMILE, Sparkle & Shine Specialist | Kind Conversationalist | Podcast's      with Class & Sass |Inspirational Speaker | Passion Planner | Leadership          Educator | CHEERS Cheerleader | Attitude of Gratitude |     AWESOMENESS Enthusiast | JOY Generator | Justice Seeker | Blessing     Believer | Jesus Receiver | Ambassador of Joy & Happiness |Head & Heart Space; Coming from a Place of Love & Grace | Joyful Expectations




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